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Get the new generation tanks

Switch to the new age of electronic cigarettes. Gone are the days of 3-part electronic cigarettes that were prone to leaks. Today, the atomizer and the cartridge that hold e-juice have been combined to give a more enjoyable and satisfying vaping experience.

Choose your color

We stock the superior quality of tanks in the whole area. From traditional tanks to a whole new range of colorful tanks, we have it all. A tank not only simplifies your vaping experience, it also comes in different colors which you can change according to your mood. Sub Ohm tanks are one of our specials.


Tanks produce vapor and intense flavor, similar to an RDA but requires considerably low maintenance.

Make a statement with advanced vaping accessories

When you choose electronic cigarettes you have the freedom to completely customize every piece of your experience. From colorful tanks to unique flavor mixes and cases, you are able to enhance your vape by creating a customized experience just for you.


Choose from our 300+ flavors of e-juices to make your vaping experience all the more interesting.

Smoking cigarettes is extremely injurious to health. So why not switch to the healthier option of e-cigarettes with wide range of options in terms of flavors.

Call us to know more about our stock of tanks.


Our wide range of e-cigarettes and accessories will definitely impress you.

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