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Try out new flavors at our tasting bar

When you think of e-juices, you know where to come looking for it. Juicy Puff has all the stock that you need. Try one of our traditional tobacco flavors to get the taste of cigarettes or go for something fruity, light and refreshing.

We stock all major flavors

We stock all major brands, with 300+ flavors. Stop by to try one of our new arrivals or to pick up your traditional favorites, all in a variety of strengths and flavors. Our selections include, but are not limited to starter kits, tanks or RDA's.


We also have mech mods, box mods, batteries, chargers, replaceable coils as well as coils made on site for the RDA's.

Relax and enjoy

Your comfort is important. Therefore, we have FREE Wi-Fi facilities and cable television set up for you to come and relax after a long day at work. We’re open on weekends which mean you have the perfect place to check-in on weekends with your gang of friends. You can be sure of a wonderful time with an assorted range of flavors along with relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Enjoy your weekend while vaping your favorite flavor. Also take advantage of our extended hours during the weekends.

Call to learn more about our e-juice flavors.


Drop by, or give us a call. We have the newest and best e-cigs in the business as well as the largest selection in the Turnersville area.

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