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Looking out for vapor accessories?

Make Juicy Puff your favorite shopping destination when it comes to vapor accessories. We carry a complete line of fun and stylish accessories that will appeal to your tastes.

Wide range of vapor accessories

Choose from a great selection of cases to protect your investment, or a cool lanyard to make sure your vape is there when you need it. Whether you’re new to vaping or an expert, our unmatchable stock inventory is sure to impress you.


We have drip tips, lanyards, carrying cases, battery cases, chargers, tool kits and much more. Don't wait until the last minute to pick up those vaping essentials!

Stock up your vaping essentials

Get everything you could ever need for your vaping and e-cigarette pleasure right here at Juicy Puff.

•  Chargers

•  Coils made on site for RDAs

•  Lanyards

•  Cases

•  Batteries

•  Replacement coils

•  Drip tips

•  Wires and wicks

•  Rebuilding supplies


•  18650, 18500, 18350, and 26650 batteries

•  eGo Single-suction stands

•  Triple-metal stands

•  Chargers/USB pass-through

•  Beauty rings

•  Vape bands

•  Varying-sized E-juice bottles

•  Tool kits

•  Organic cotton

•  Varying-gaged Kanthal wire and much more.

Got a late night at the office and still want to enjoy some quality vape? Drop by at Juicy Puff. We have extended weekend hours for your convenience.

Fulfill all your vaping needs at our shop.


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